Off White Cotton and Banana Textured Fabric Online

SKU : CBP9TX017-2

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Off White Cotton And Banana Textured Fabric

Sale price Price Rs. 7,150.00 Regular price

   Composition: 60%Banana+40%Cotton

   Count: 2/17S X 8S

   Weave: Matt

   Width: 60"

   Color: Off White

Location   Origin: Goa

Swatch price: Sampling price:/ meter: Bulk price / meter: Sale price Price Rs. 7,150.00 Regular price

  • It’s simple, Order for swatches and we will deliver it to your office. If you like the fabric touch and feel, you can reorder for sampling (10-25 meters) or production order directly (100- 5000 meters).

  • Prices shown are for the exact replica of the product mentioned, any customization in the product or quicker turn around time would vary the final selling price of the product.

  • The pictures shown are scanned and processed. There can be minor variation in colour and design from the photo shown.

  • Please note 5% GST will be applicable to the price of the fabric.

  • Swatch cost will be adjusted when the same product is reordered in bulk for more than 100 meters.