#Source Sustainable

Fabric Monde brings you Low carbon footprint fabrics to complement your collection

Less Energy

Utilize less energy and grow organically with best practices and certifications


Less Water

Relatively less water used in various processes of sustainable fabric making


Less Waste

Waste generated by the garment industry is processed back to use


Less Travel

Sourcing locally to reduce the carbon emissions involved in the logistics

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FMSure-Sourcing Made Easy

Select from our thousands of fabric samples which adheres to your standard


Industry standard quality parameters are established and strictly adhered to including the handcrafted fabrics



No more out of stocks and limited quantities, enabling buyers with production capability in thousands of meters


Quick Delivery

No more middlemen, managing the supply chain efficiently



Know your fabrics route, from the people who made it to the materials used in it

About our Tags and Kiosk Benefits


Fabric Monde tag stands for its quality and authenticity in the textile industry. It is trusted across different Indian and International brands for its strict industry standards and the assurance of its guaranteed delivery. You can use this tag along with the end garment to educate the buyer about the product. Each tag will carry a QR code which will take the buyer on its fabrics journey. Inspired by the famous campaign #whomademyclothes, our tag can take you from where the fabrics came from to who made the fabrics and what are the processes involved in that. This helps in educating the customer as well as proving the authenticity of the products.



Each of Fabric Monde’s product is eco friendly and is not only great for the skin but for our planet too. To help our clients communicate the message to the end users, we help brands design customized kiosk as part of their visual merchandising in the retail outlets. Kiosk will contain different raw materials which are directly derived from the nature and are used in our eco friendly fabrics. We procure and supply the natural elements from our weavers which otherwise is very challenging to get hands on.

Authentic Stories Of Elegant Craftsmanship

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