The Fabric Monde Story

Fabric Monde was born out of the idea to cater to the demand and love of the urban markets towards the indigenous handloom products. Evolved from there, today we support and enable fashion brands to source sustainable fabrics and get inspired by the traditional and local art forms of India.

We are known in the industry for our 3Qs- Quality, Quantity, and Quick delivery which is uncommon in the handcrafted space. Handmade fabrics should dictate its respect from its finest human touch it can get.



Quality is our top mantra and we go all the way to make sure your experience of handcrafted fabrics is well appreciated. From presenting you the acceptable value-adding design elements of handcrafts to keep a check on non-acceptable defects, we take complete care of your top brand quality.


Handmade products are the most loved ones and it's disappointing to see a limited stock or out of stock for the best products. We have mapped and aggregated thousands of weavers across India to enable big brands to source handcrafted fabrics at bulk quantities with the top quality at the quickest turn around time.


Quick Delivery


No middlemen, no exorbitant prices. Instead, we ensure that you will receive your fabrics straight from our weaver's hands with a special assurance of Fabric Monde.