City CEO nominated for Niti award


 Jyothirmayi  D, CEO of Fabric Monde, a start-up based in Bengaluru, has been nominated for the ‘Top 60 women transforming India Awards’ by Niti Ayog.Fabric Monde works with weaver cooperatives that produce handloom products across India and connects them to large brands and urban markets.

They provide the market reach and fundamental technology to ensure fragmented players in the hand-woven textile space across the country are able to reach out to main-stream businesses thereby giving, unique low-carbon foot-print products to the world markets. In 2016, after completing her MBA from IIM Lucknow, Jyothirmayi quit her job with an IT major to become an entrepreneur.

She belonged to one of the largest ecosystem of weavers in India —  and thus after MBA she was keen on starting up and the knowledge in this sector helped her take the first few steps. Jyothirmayi told BM, “When I presented my idea to IIM- that this is a sector that has great potential and there is a gap that can be solved, the company was incubated.


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